Power Negotiating

Negotiation Skills

Course Outline

This course supports the MBA subject - Negotiation Skills

This course consists of the following modules:
  1. The Importance of Negotiations.
  2. 7 Principles of developing a sound negotiating strategy.
  3. Standard Negotiating Tactics & Counter-tactics.
  4. Developing a Strong Value Proposition.
  5. Case Studies.

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Welcome to the Course

  • Introduction to Negotiation Skills FREE PREVIEW
  • Best Practices to Learning online with Direction One
  • Best Practices to Learning Online with Direction One FREE PREVIEW

The Importance of Negotiations

  • Welcome to this course FREE PREVIEW
  • Workbook - Chapter 1 - Negotiation & its Importance. FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - Four Critical Skills in Negotiations FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - Triple your Profits FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - 5 Step Power Negotiating Model FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - Great Negotiators from Different Industries FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - General Negotiation Situations. FREE PREVIEW
  • Quiz - Chapter 1 FREE PREVIEW

7 Principles of Developing a Sound Negotiations Strategy

  • Workbook - Chapter 2 - The 7 Fundamental Principles of Negotiating FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - 7 Principles of Developing a Sound Negotiation Strategy FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - Principle 1 - An Attitude of Win-Win FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - Principle 2 - Keep it Flexible. FREE PREVIEW
  • Additional Content for PAID Subscribers FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - Principle 3 - Capacity Control
  • Video Lesson - Principle 4 - Risk Minimization
  • Video Lesson - Operationalizing Risk Minimization
  • Video Lesson - Principle 5 - Adding Multiple Variables
  • Video Lesson - Principle 6 - Deciding the Right Opening Price
  • Video Lesson - Principle 7 - Approaching Multiple Decision Makers
  • Video Lesson - How to win the L1 game.
  • Quiz -Chapter 2

Standard Negotiating Tactics & Counter-tactics


  • Workbook - Chapter 3 - Power Negotiator FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - Understanding Tactics & Counter-tactics FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - Differences between Positions & Interests FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - Tactics - Asking for More FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - Tactic - Make a Ridiculous Offer FREE PREVIEW
  • Additional Content for PAID Subscribers FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - Tactics - Higher Authority
  • Video Lesson - Tactics - Good Cop Bad Cop
  • Video Lesson - Tactic - Personal Attack.
  • Video Lesson - Tactic - Discount now, we will give volumes.
  • Video Lesson - Tactic - Reluctant Seller Reluctant Buyer
  • Video Lesson - Tactic - Asking for more & more.
  • Video Lesson - Tactic - We have very low budget.
  • Video Lesson - Tactic - Your competitor is priced less
  • Video Lesson - Tactic - Getting stuck on a position
  • Video Lesson - Tactic - I am your Friend
  • Video Lesson - Tactic - Handling a Slow Player
  • Handling Objections - You are not talking to the Decision Maker.
  • Handling objections - previous bad experience with your service.
  • Handling Objections - Let me think over it.
  • Handling Objections - I am not interested.
  • Handling Objections - I am happy with my existing service provider
  • Quiz - Chapter 3

Developing a Strong Value Proposition for the Other Party


  • Workbook - Chapter 4 - Power Negotiator FREE PREVIEW
  • Research your Target Account FREE PREVIEW
  • Investor Presentation - Dabur FREE PREVIEW
  • Dabur - Conference Call Transcript FREE PREVIEW
  • Additional Content for PAID Subscribers FREE PREVIEW
  • Video Lesson - Research your Customer - Green Channel.
  • Handout - Investment Benefits Analysis
  • Workbook - Investment Benefits Analysis
  • Video Lesson - Investment Benefits Analysis
  • Video Lesson - 11 Responses to a Price Objection.

Case Studies - Learning Industry Best Practices

  • Lesson - An interesting variable added by Crompton in an M&A FREE PREVIEW
  • Lesson - Bajaj gets aggressive in the fastest growing segment of the Market. FREE PREVIEW
  • Lesson - Check out over 20 variables great negotiators use in a M&A FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - 5 Strategies to get prices reduced FREE PREVIEW
  • Lesson - Power Negotiators negotiate better because of their track record. FREE PREVIEW

About Your Instructor

Maneesh Konkar

Maneesh Konkar

Founder - Direction One

Maneesh Konkar is a PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (1995) with over 20 years’ experience in the leadership & sales industry. He started his career with fmcg giant ITC Ltd and then found his calling when he started Direction One Consulting which works in training people in the sales & leadership areas for industries like fmcg, internet, manufacturing, IT, BFSI, construction & pharmaceuticals.

 He has written a book “Young Leaders at every Level”. He is also associated with b-schools like SPJIMR, Great Lakes, IIM Bangalore & IIM Nagpur in teaching or interview panelist roles. He won the Best Faculty award in 2016 at SPJIMR’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

Connect with him on Linkedin. / +919820503710



A very helpful course

From Akshay pathi

I have taken many courses in the last few years and i can surely say this is one of the best courses! It has truley helped in my day to day business negotiations

Practical and Simple to Implement Steps on Negotiation

From Shashi Kanth Veeramalla

The course from the very beginning to the end teaches varied ways to negotiation. The simplicity of the messaging and and accompanying examples to deepen the understanding make this course a MUST ...

Read More

Practical insights in to selling

From Vishal Jhunjhunwala

I learnt many of the things thru the hard knocks way. However, feel more confident by attending this program. I am feeling more confident that I now know the various sales tactics and not get su...

Read More

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Benefits of the Course

Learn how to triple your profits

Learn the 7 Steps to a Negotiation Strategy

Handle tactics with counter-tactics

Learn how to set ZOPA at the beginning of a negotiation.

Communicate value & Justify Price

Assertively handle price objections

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