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You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. This course is meant for all negotiators looking to get what they deserve.  

The best negotiators in the world negotiate on multiple variables, not just on price.

Learn the 7 Steps to a Great Negotiating Strategy & handle tactics with superb counter-tactics.

This is a foundation course which covers some fantastic concepts. The advanced version of the course is "Power Negotiating applied to Business Strategy" which includes four hours of online business consulting.

This course Power Negotiating 101 has NO online consulting included. 

Applying these learnings will lead to consistent business growth, higher prices for your services & more peace of mind.


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Understand how to develop a rock-solid negotiating strategy for your business.

Whatever your role, this course will help you get your negotiation approach right. When you and your entire team start applying these concepts right, you will close more deals at higher price points & larger ticket sizes. 

The impact on profits & team spirit? 

I think you know the answer, don't you.

Get practical answers to

What should be my opening price.

How to discount without coming across as desperate.

Common mistakes in negotiating.

How to collect information about the other person.

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How to justify price.

Course Content:

Welcome to the Course


  • Introduction Video FREE PREVIEW

The Importance of Negotiations

  • Welcome to this course
  • Pdf - Chapter 1 - Negotiation & its Importance. FREE PREVIEW
  • Course Objective FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Triple your Profits FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - 5 Step Power Negotiating Model FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Great Negotiators from Different Industries FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - General Negotiation Situations. FREE PREVIEW
  • Quiz - Chapter 1 FREE PREVIEW

7 Principles of Developing a Sound Negotiations Strategy

  • Pdf - Chapter 2 - The 7 Fundamental Principles of Negotiating
  • 7 Principles of Developing a Sound Negotiation Strategy
  • Video - Principle 1 - An Attitude of Win-Win
  • Video - Principle 2 - Keep it Flexible.
  • Video - Principle 3 - Capacity Control
  • Video - Principle 4 - Risk Minimization FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Operationalizing Risk Minimization
  • Video - Principle 5 - Adding Multiple Variables
  • Video - Principle 6 - Deciding the Right Opening Price
  • Video - Principle 7 - Approaching Multiple Decision Makers
  • Video - How to win the L1 game.
  • Video - Coordinate the Strategy
  • Quiz -Chapter 2

Standard Negotiating Tactics & Counter-tactics


  • Chapter 3 - Power Negotiator
  • Video - Understanding Tactics & Counter-tactics
  • Difference between "Positions" & "Interests" FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Tactics - Asking for More FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Tactic - Make a Ridiculous Offer
  • Video - Tactics - Higher Authority
  • Video - Tactics - Good Cop Bad Cop
  • Video - Tactic - Personal Attack.
  • Video - tactic - Discount now, we will give volumes.
  • Video - Tactic - Reluctant Seller Reluctant Buyer
  • Video - Tactic - Asking for more & more.
  • Video - Tactic - We have very low budget. FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Tactic - Getting stuck on a position
  • Video - Tactic - Your competitor is priced less
  • Video - tactic - I am your Friend
  • Video - Tactic - Handling a Slow Player
  • Handling Objections - You are not talking to the Decision Maker.
  • Handling objections - previous bad experience with your service.
  • Handling Objections - Let me think over it.
  • Handling Objections - I am not interested.
  • Handling Objections - I am happy with my existing service provider
  • Quiz - Chapter 3

Developing a Strong Value Proposition for the Other Party


  • Chapter 4 - Power Negotiator
  • Research your Target Account
  • Investor Presentation - Dabur
  • Dabur - Conference Call Transcript
  • Research your Target Account - HUL FREE PREVIEW
  • Investor Presentation - HUL
  • Godrej Consumer Products - Investor Presentation
  • Godrej Consumer - Conference Call Transcript
  • Research your Target Account - Godrej Consumer Products
  • Justifying Price & Communicating value - 11 Responses to a Price Objection
  • Communicating Value & justifying Price - Investment Benefits Analysis
  • Communicating Value - Investment Benefits Analysis 2
  • Knowledge is Power - Research your Customer

Case Studies - Learning Industry Best Practices

  • An interesting variable added by Crompton in an M&A FREE PREVIEW
  • Bajaj gets aggressive in the fastest growing segment of the Market. FREE PREVIEW
  • Check out over 20 variables great negotiators use in a M&A FREE PREVIEW
  • Learn how master negotiator Naresh Goyal (Jet Airways) struck a deal with Etihad. FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - 5 Strategies to get prices reduced FREE PREVIEW
  • Power Negotiators negotiate better because they have a great track record of performance. PE deals are changing. FREE PREVIEW

eBook - Young Leaders at Every Level

  • eBook - Young Leaders at Every Level


Transforming into a Power Negotiator

From Surya Kumar Saripella

Power Negotiating opened my eyes to how the world of negotiation works. The multiple sections help you understand how the process works & learning the art of negotiation. Further, the exampl...

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About Your Instructor

Maneesh Konkar

Maneesh Konkar

Founder - Direction One

Maneesh Konkar is a PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (1995) with over 20 years’ experience in the leadership & sales industry. He started his career with fmcg giant ITC Ltd and then found his calling when he started Direction One Consulting which works in training people in the sales & leadership areas for industries like fmcg, internet, manufacturing, IT, BFSI, construction & pharmaceuticals.

 He has written a book “Young Leaders at every Level”. He is also associated with b-schools like SPJIMR, Great Lakes, IIM Bangalore & IIM Nagpur in teaching or interview panelist roles. He won the Best Faculty award in 2016 at SPJIMR’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

Connect with him on Linkedin. / +919820503710


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Young Leaders at Every Level

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........really want to thank you....is very practical and to the point. The way you put the concepts in a very structured manner and in the simplest form is your biggest strength.....this quality is rare even these days. Keep it up sir.
Strategic Sales Management sessions by Maneesh Konkar are one of the best sessions I have ever attended!
Ambarish Thakur
Insightful, neat and crisp ! The lectures are amazing :)
Rashmita Amireddy


Power Negotiating

From Vishal M

This is a great session. I have attended many sessions myself but was impressed with practicality of the techniques backed with fluidity of Maneeh's explanation. Maneesh has been able to explain s...

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