Preparing for Interviews 101

Preparing for Interviews 101


Looking to succeed in your dream job interview?

Then start preparing now.

Everybody wants to join that large multinational brand name. Competition is intense. You are competing with the best talent who also have the same aspirations as you have. 

In this course, you will learn about success at different management positions, how companies hire on competencies, how to structure your resume & how to answer the most difficult of interview questions.

This course contains multiple videos. 

This course is an pure online course with no coaching sessions. 

If you want personal interview coaching with an expert, then please register for the course "Succeed at Interviews" which has two online sessions included.


Includes guidelines to answer standard interview questions.

Develop a powerful resume that showcases your talent.

Coverage of the online practice sessions:

1. Developing your resume to highlight your talents.

2. Useful insights about your future role in your dream company.

3. Practice interviews to create a great impression.

Course Content:

Welcome to this course

  • Introduction to "Prepare for Interviews 101" FREE PREVIEW

Setting Goals for your Life & Career

  • 7 Awesome Ways to Set Powerful Goals FREE PREVIEW
  • Workbook - Smart Goal Setter FREE PREVIEW
  • Drive for Results - Miracle Man

What do companies look out for in a job applicant?

  • Why did you not get selected? What do companies look for in a Candidate? FREE PREVIEW
  • Article - Leadership Pipeline by Ram Charan

Preparing for the Interview

  • 4 Strategic Levers for Business Growth - PQRS - Knowing your Dream Company's Strategy. FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Three Key Steps to Preparing for an Interview. FREE PREVIEW
  • Case - HUL - 5 Ways in which HUL wins in the Marketplace
  • Investor Presentation - Hindustan Unilever Ltd FREE PREVIEW
  • Investor Presentation - Dabur
  • Dabur Conference Call Transcript - Aug 2017
  • Case - D'Mart - 2 Things that D'Mart is doing differently. FREE PREVIEW
  • Research your Dream Company - Dabur FREE PREVIEW
  • Case - GCPL - 5 Steps that GCPL is taking to achieve Business Growth FREE PREVIEW
  • Investor Presentation - Godrej Consumer Products
  • GCPL Q2 FY17 Conference Call Transcript
  • The Fallen Shall Rise Again - Case Study - Nokia FREE PREVIEW
  • Case Study - Colgate FREE PREVIEW

Writing a Powerful Resume

  • Video - Four Keys to Structuring your Resume FREE PREVIEW
  • Writing Effective Resumes - Career Paths of FMCG Stars. FREE PREVIEW
  • Career Path of FMCG Stars - Aseem Soni, CEO Modern Foods. FREE PREVIEW
  • IT Resume Tips - 3 Things your Resume must have FREE PREVIEW
  • Career Path - IT Star - Mohit Mahendra, Director Oracle, San Francisco. FREE PREVIEW
  • Career Path - Marketing Star - Rohit Sarma, Former Head of Sales, HT Media.
  • Marketing Stars - Salil Dalal, President Fevicol Division, Pidilite.
  • Case - IT Industry - Hiring Trends for Account Managers FREE PREVIEW
  • Marketing Star - Gautam Kiyawat, Startup CEO.
  • Marketing Star - Deepak Gulati, Head Marketing Bridgestone.
  • Marketing Star - Nitin Bawankule, Senior Leader, Google.
  • IT Stars - Pramod Kumar, Wipro & Accenture.
  • Career path - Marketing Star - Prabhakar Grandhi, Senior Director & Regional Sales Head ASEAN, Infosys.
  • IT Stars - Suyash Lad - Director - Microsoft

Handling Interview Questions

  • Video - 5 Ways to Dazzle in an Interview. FREE PREVIEW
  • 4 Answers to give in the First Interview Question FREE PREVIEW
  • Interview Q&A - What are your Most Significant Achievements in Life? FREE PREVIEW
  • Interview Q&A - You have no work experience.
  • Interview Q&A - Which role or location would you prefer?
  • Interview Q&A - What are your career objectives?
  • Interview Q&A - What are your skills?
  • Interview Q&A - Why do you want to join my company?
  • Interview Q&A - Why should we hire you over the others?

Discover your Passion

  • Working hard for something you enjoy is called "passion"
  • Retire Young Retire Now - Discover your Passion FREE PREVIEW
  • Discover your passion FREE PREVIEW

Why aren't you wealthy today after so many years of hard work?


  • Why develop an alternate source of income? FREE PREVIEW
  • The Goal is Financial Freedom
  • Am I Wealthy today - Defining Wealth FREE PREVIEW
  • Making Crores of Rupees in Wealth on a Salary
  • Defining Assets & Liabilities
  • Are cars & houses assets?
  • Making a million dollars
  • 7 Steps to FREEDOM - Steps 1 to 5
  • Make your money work harder, so you work less
  • Developing an Alternate source of Income - Value Investing. FREE PREVIEW
  • Identifying undervalued Companies on the Market
  • Buy good companies in temporary trouble
  • Buy undervalued companies across different sectors.

eBook - Young Leaders at Every Level

  • Download & Read the eBook now FREE PREVIEW

About Your Instructor

Maneesh Konkar

Maneesh Konkar

Founder - Direction One

Maneesh Konkar is a PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (1995) with over 20 years’ experience in the leadership & sales industry. He started his career with fmcg giant ITC Ltd and then found his calling when he started Direction One Consulting which works in training people in the sales & leadership areas for industries like fmcg, internet, manufacturing, IT, BFSI, construction & pharmaceuticals.

 He has written a book “Young Leaders at every Level”. He is also associated with b-schools like SPJIMR, Great Lakes, IIM Bangalore & IIM Nagpur in teaching or interview panelist roles. He won the Best Faculty award in 2016 at SPJIMR’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

Connect with him on Linkedin. / +919820503710

Get practical answers to

What are your most significant achievements in life?

You have no work experience?

What are your strengths?

Why should we hire you?

Where do you see yourself 5 years from today?

Which role / location in our company would you prefer

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Young Leaders at Every Level

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FAQs in Interviews with the right answers.

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........really want to thank you..... reciprocating all the concepts learned from you. And it worked at it fullest - right from significance of weighted distribution as effectiveness to beat plan to the do's and dont's of on field sales process taught by you through videos to reciprocating the example of Ram and Shyam while explaining difference between efficiency and effectiveness etc. Sir, your method of teaching is very practical and to the point. The way you put the concepts in a very structured manner and in the simplest form is your biggest strength and being from NIT Nagpur I really understand and appreciate its value. This quality is rare even these days. Keep it up sir. I would like to give one feedback - It would be great if you can promote yourself and your videos specially on YouTube, not because for your popularity only but the kind of benefits that people will get if they learn from you. Samaaj ka bahut bhala hoga. Once again thanks a lot sir and it has been a great pleasure to be your student.
Strategic Sales Management sessions by Maneesh Konkar are one of the best sessions I have ever attended!
Ambarish Thakur
Insightful, neat and crisp ! The lectures are amazing :)
Rashmita Amireddy

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