Skyrocket Sales Force Performance

Skyrocket Channel Sales Force Performance 101


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If done right, sales is one of the most rewarding professions in the world. Both financially & spiritually. This course is targeted towards:

1. Sales team leaders & Area Managers.

2. Business owners who need to improve their sales performance.

3. Distributors who sell to retailers & wholesalers.

4. High performers in front line sales roles who are looking to grow their skill sets.

Learn the competencies required to drive primary / secondary / offtake in channel environments.

Applying these learnings will lead to consistent sales growth, higher prices for your services & more peace of mind.


Develop & Implement a rock-solid sales process for your business.

Whether you are a Business Owner or a Sales Team member, this course will help you get your sales approach right. When you and your entire team start applying these concepts right, you will close more deals at higher price points & larger ticket sizes. 

The impact on profits & team spirit? 

I think you know the answer, don't you.

Course Content:

Welcome to the Course

  • Welcome to the Course - Skyrocket Channel Sales Force Performance 101 FREE PREVIEW

1 - Driving Primary Sales

  • Pdf - Driving Primary sales FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Understanding Weighted Distribution. FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Improving Weighted Distribution
  • Pdf - Download Case Study - Delicious Foods FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Understanding ROI - Gross Margin & Expenses
  • Rotation - Understanding ROI - Working Capital Cycle - The Most Important thing for a Distributor.
  • Video - ROI - Return on Investment or Equity
  • Pdf Download - Case Study - Carimo Industries
  • Discussions

2 - Driving Secondary Sales

  • Pdf - Driving Secondary Sales
  • Video - Growth Competency Framework - 6 Qualities each Star Salesperson must have. FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Reviews the Right Sales Processes FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Preparation at Stockist Point. FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Sequential visits as per Journey Plan FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Effective Beat Planning
  • Video - Power of 1 - Set Retailing Target for the Day.
  • Video - 7 Steps of SUCCESS Sales Call
  • Video - S - Study the Shop's Outside Look.
  • Video - U - Understand the Retailer's Mood & Open the Call
  • Video - How to Start the Call in a Positive Manner.
  • Video - Check Stocks, Do a Sales Analysis.
  • Video - Create Interest in our Products & Sell.
  • Video - Why Add New Outlets FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - How to Add New Outlets / New Categories at an Existing Outlet.
  • Video - Placing the Right Quantity at the Outlet.
  • Video - Why do Retailer's Object?
  • Video - Objection Handling - pada hai.
  • Video - Objection Handling - Margin nahin hai.
  • Video - Objection Handling - Rate is too High.
  • Video - Objection Handling - You don't Advertise.
  • Video - Set up Merchandising.
  • Video - Sum up & Close the Call.
  • Video - Manager as a Coach - The 555 Rule.

3 - Driving Offtake from the Trade

  • How Data helps us understand shopper needs & increase sales FREE PREVIEW

About Your Instructor

Maneesh Konkar

Maneesh Konkar

Founder - Direction One

Maneesh Konkar is a PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (1995) with over 20 years’ experience in the leadership & sales industry. He started his career with fmcg giant ITC Ltd and then found his calling when he started Direction One Consulting which works in training people in the sales & leadership areas for industries like fmcg, internet, manufacturing, IT, BFSI, construction & pharmaceuticals.

 He has written a book “Young Leaders at every Level”. He is also associated with b-schools like SPJIMR, Great Lakes, IIM Bangalore & IIM Nagpur in teaching or interview panelist roles. He won the Best Faculty award in 2016 at SPJIMR’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

Connect with him on Linkedin. / +919820503710

Get practical answers to

How do I measure my sales productivity?

How to retain my best salespeople & distributors?

How to sell in a structured step by step manner.

What to do to increase demand?

How to handle objections from theretailer?

How to coach my team on the job?

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